A learning solution built especially for you.
Whether you’re a manager of a large company or an individual looking to learn, we’ve got you covered.
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Allowing users to interact with managers and other users increasing productivity and learning.

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Our powerful yet flexible platform is easy to use for teaching and for learning.

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We deliver dynamic information that propels users to continue to learn more in a fun, positive environment.

Administrator’s Dream

We want to be as helpful as possible, that’s why we’ve built lightbulb powerful enough to handle copious amounts of users and return feedback to you. Administrators are shown easy to read metrics, and real time data, to let them know how heir employees are doing with their courses. Imagine deploying a course in less than one minute!

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Easy, fun user experience

Our intention of creating lightbulb is to help distribute knowledge in a standardized fashion. As an individual, part of a company or not, you will have access to a massive amount of data organized into courses in our marketplace. There, individuals can choose to learn what they desire without feeling "forced".

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We are currently hard at work, tailoring lightbulb to fit the education market. We plan to create an experience to help students in an internet age learn more efficiently to their style.

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